How To Generate Sales Leads Without Cold Calling in 2020

Cold Prospecting Through Email Still Generates Leads

Exact Text From The Cold Email Above

If you look at the above email there are a few things that stick out, that could get a prospects attention right away.

  1. You’re human and the email doesn’t sound automated.
  2. You call it out yourself out, right away. You tell Bob you are emailing him out of the blue, and that you respect his time. This will gain trust right away.
  3. You make the email personal. You call out his name, company and even his location by telling him you can assist with his “Denver properties”. Minor details like this go SO far when getting a prospects’ attention and gaining their trust right away.
  4. You give Bob a direct call-to-action to end the email. You ask for a phone call or an in-person meeting.

Be Authentic And Send Something Personal or Funny

Show Up In-Person and Introduce Yourself

The Pros of Showing Up Randomly At A Prospect’s Office:

  1. It will allow you to literally get “feet on the ground” at your prospect’s office. You will most likely have the chance to introduce yourself to a gatekeeper, and if you’re lucky, might have a chance to meet your prospect. The goal of this isn’t to get a meeting, since you’re disrupting their day, it should be to get a handshake.
  2. Showing up in-person allows you to not only introduce yourself to someone at the company, it also allows you to get a feel for the company, even if it’s in the slightest way. You’re literally seeing inside their business during working hours, there’s an intangible asset there you can’t put a metric on.
  3. Showing up allows you to drop off physical material and have a conversation, probably with a gatekeeper, on why this material will be valuable for xyz person you’re trying to reach. The odds of getting YOUR material on their desk increases, compared to just a general mailer.

The Cons of Showing Up Randomly At A Prospects Office:

  1. The first con is pretty simple, and not uncommon, unfortunately. You could get shut down immediately and waste your time. It’s not uncommon when “door knocking,” to get rejected and turned down fast. Most gatekeepers are trained to deflect any sales “walk-ins.”
  2. Showing up to a prospect’s office is very time consuming. Think about the time it takes to plan this out, get in your car, drive across town, just to HOPE you don’t get shut down right away. This strategy is very high-risk with not all too much reward. If you do this, make sure to visit multiple prospects in the area on the same day.

Here’s The Cold Hard Truth

A few notable mentions that we won’t totally unpack but other avenues you should consider when prospecting are:

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